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Domain Registration
Domain Registration in
India from Candid Host

Do you own your domain? Get domains registration in Delhi, Mumbai, and other cities with FULL CONTROL now for र 950* only!

Get 100% CONTROL of your domain name – You get id and password for every domain registered with us.

FREE Control Panel

From this control panel, you can do all changes for your domain.Get 100% CONTROL of your domain name – You get id and password for every domain registered with us.

FREE DNS Management

Without DNS service, no one will be able to visit your website. We provide this service for your domain at free.

FREE Domain Theft Protection

Lock and prevent your website from unauthorised transfers, Unlock it for changes anytime.

FREE Domain Forwarding

Automatically forward people to whatever website you want, when they type your domain name into a browser (with / without domain masking & SEO). Any visitor who types in your domain name will be redirected to the website you designate.

Contact updates

Update technical info anytime as needed.

We at Candidhost offer Domain registration in India at very reasonable prices with no hidden costs. Our belief is that a lasting relation can only be built on faith and trust.

Most domain name registrar quietly retain the administration rights (ownership) of your domain name. Unlike others, Candidhost recognises your right to sell your domain name when you like. And since you are the owner you get the freedom to make changes in your website at will.

Your domain name is your unique identity on the world wide web. So choose a name that conveys your Company's identity such as,, or, which imparts a unique identification to your company, product, service, industry or interests.

Domain Name registration is on a First-come-first-serve basis. We will not be responsible for the availability of the Domain Name In between the time we receive your email request and by the time the payment is made, if the domain is registered by some other person/organization, Candidhost will not be responsible in any way for the non-availability thereafter. The money you send will be refunded in case you do not need to register another Domain with us. Domain registration / Renewal will be done only after receiving the PAYMENT.

Even if you do not intend having your own company email address or Web site immediately, it is wise to reserve your domain as soon as possible, because another company may register your the name you like before you do.

Take quick action and create a niche for yourself in the Internet world. Register your unique domain name at prices starting from as low as Rs. 649 per year.

*Only for 1st Year.

FREE services with every domain

We have always been up front and honest with our customers. We also pride ourselves on our customer support service, but don't just take our word for it, you have to experience it to believe it. We have experienced that keeping customers happy is the first step towards becoming a top notch company. Our experts are always on hand to assist you either by email or live online.

You get full administrative and technical rights under your name with user login and password with each domain you register with us.

Get .com domain registration + 1 GB web space for Rs.1599!

Why do we charge such low prices ?

Are you amazed at how inexpensive it could be to get a domain name. We believe in and follow a fair pricing policy for our value-conscious consumers thus the prices have been maintained at an all time low. The domain name will impart a unique identity to you website, we understand your needs and offer you the most optimally priced domain name registration services. Our pricing is straight forward, without any hidden costs or additional cost such as taxes or registration fees, to name a few. We do not ask you to register for longer periods, we only offer our advice to insure complete satisfaction. The price you see is the price you get.

Low pricing does not implies that we cut short on human technical support. We have been acknowledged as one of the most customer friendly company by our existing clients. When you register a domain name through us, be it for just an year, you become our exclusive client for life. Believe it or not, but we put support emails before pre-sales emails!

Register Domain Now in India!

Tips for Domains

Keep the domain name short and simple

Try getting a company name and brand name of yours as a domain.

Be sure you can say the name without having to spell it out for people.

Domain Price

Domain names such as .in,,,,, or are popular domains on the Internet.
Without any tedious prerequisites Indian domain names can be reserved by any company,
individuals or organizations in India as well as abroad.

Global Per Year
र 750.00
र 700.00
र 750.00
र 649.00
र 700.00
India Per Year
र 200.25
र 200.25
र 500.00
र 500.00
र 500.00
र 500.00
र 500.00
र 500.00
Other Per Year
र 449.00
र 1,149.00
र 749.00
र 1,349.00
र 1200.00
र 1200.00
र 999.00
र 999.00
र 1000.00

Here you will find some common question that can help you!

About Domain Names

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique addressing construct that identifies and locates web sites on the Internet. Domain names render a system of easy-to-remember Internet addresses, which are interpreted by the Domain Name System (DNS) into an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This IP address is used by browsers to locate the web site.

What's the difference between .com, .org,, .in, .net,, names?

These extensions were earlier intended to distinguish between commercial firms, network providers, organization or Indian sites. However, such an intent is now largely neglected.

For how many years should one reserve a domain name?

Generally domain names are register for a period of one year to ten years. However, if it is a company name it is better to reserve it for a longer period. You would not wish to lose a name if you forget to renew.

The Registration Process

What kind of technical information is required at the time of registration of a domain name?

None at all. You only have to convey the domain name that you wish for along with your contact details.

Are there any hidden costs or additional fees?

None at all. The registration fees quoted on us is the only fee required for domain registration. Payment by credit card might attract up to 7% processing charges. For more information click here.

Who reserves the right on a domain name after it is registered?

You do. You can do whatever you wish to do with the registered domain. However, if you fail to renew your registration you no longer hold the ownership.

After Domain Name Is Registered

Though i just registered a domain name, why is it still available in the domain name search?

It usually takes a maximum of two days for a domain name to show up in the Internet database. Though it appears to be available, it is not. After we have confirmed the registration the domain name only belongs to you and it is not possible for someone else to register it.

Can the contact details be changed after registration? Is there any additional fees?

Yes, it is possible to change the contact details. No additional charges are imposed for a change of contact details.

Is there a possibility to change the domain name after registration? I spelled it incorrectly or i found a better domain name.

Regrettably, it is not possible to alter or change a domain name after registration. You can make any kind of change in the contact details, however, it is not possible to change the domain name itself. If you really wish to change the domain name you need to register it again like the previous time.

What is an authorization code?

The authorization code is a password for the domain. Authorization codes are an extra security measure, it ensures that only the owner of the domain can make transfers.

How do I manage my domain name?

With you registration you will receive a unique Candid Webhosting account. You simply have to login to your account to manage you Domain name. This account will enable you to interact with us on a one to one basis and we would be able to recognize you as our special client.

I forgot my password, now what?

You can request your username and password here(link to forgot password).


How to renew the domain name?

When you domain registration is about to expire, you can visit our web site and renew you domain name.

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